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Photographers and Artists from Eleven Countries at Babel-2012

The Babel-2012 cultural event, as part of the activities of the 19th Romerias de Mayo to take place next month in the province of Holguin, will include exhibitions and performances by artists from eleven countries and six Cuban provinces. This edition of Babel will be dedicated to Photography and gender discourse from various walks of life.
With headquarters at the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts in this city, Babel will exhibit "El cuerpo deseado" on the body, personal freedom and enslavement of beauty and youth, by Ricardo Alves Marujo, and "Los Otros" by Rodrigo Petrella, which provides a starting point for dialogue on the protection of identities and the preservation of ancient traditions, both in Brazil and curated by Amador Griñó.
This time, the Expo-Holguin Center will open a gallery to present the group exhibition "Vámonos de Romerías," by the artistic youth, "Chorreo Armónico de Crímenes" by Emerging Artists from Costa Rica, "Cien años cien rostros", portraits by Holguin artist Ramón Legón Pino, and "B.M.N" from the eastern province of Granma.
Babel will also exhibit "Grandes Maestros de la Fotografía", which includes snapshots by witnesses to a memorable time in Cuban history such as Korda, Roberto Salas, Liborio Noval, Raul Corrales and Ernesto Fernandez Nogueras, National Arts Award Winner 2011 and special guest of the event.
As part of collaboration between the Holguin El Alba Art School and the Bois de Boulogne College, of Montreal, the public can enjoy the "Realismo Mágico" exhibition, where students from both countries approach our realities on their similarities and differences.
The event will also include the exhibition "Desde la Mirada" by Ecuadorian and Cuban women, while the Holguin Gallery will will display "Sobre vivir en México," photographic stories by Heriberto Paredes and Alejandra Bazúa, "about-living in an attempt to connect the seemingly unconnected.”
Babel will host also the First International Festival of Autodidactic Photography ‘Foto Fest Autodidacta 2012’, where Cuban and foreign photographers, will show their personal views of the world.

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