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Sefl-educated Photography in Romerias de Mayo

logofestival1.jpgDedicated to documentary photography and the social conditions of women in current times, the first edition of the International Festival of Self-taught Photography Foto Fest Autodidacta 2012 will be developed in Holguin from May 2 to May 6, on the framework of the XIX Romerias de Mayo (May Pilgrimages).

People from all corners of the world are welcome to participate – as long as they are not underage, and like photography, despite not having studies on it – to show a genuine and personal vision of their environment, through one or several shots.

According to organizers, the Festival will be a party of image, where self-educated photographers from Cuba and abroad will interact and expose the works which will be previously selected by photographers Juan Gonzalo Vidal (Chile-Cuba), Roberto Gonzalez (Ecuador) and Ivan Soca (Cuba), who will be the jurors of the event.

Besides, conferences, workshop, and theoretical events will be held, to exchange ideas and knowledge from the different experiences in the world of photography, among them the one that will be given by Gonzalo Vidal on the “Basic notions of Digital Photography and photography in theatre, dance and shows”.

There will be collateral samples by guests artists, an exposition of itinerant photography with the interests participants and the best works will be awarded in the Salon de Clausura (Closing Hall).

With the goal of having other venues in other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, Foto Fest will be held yearly during the Festival that gathers young creators from all continents in the city of Holguin.

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